About Me

When I lived in New Zealand, I purchased a second-hand Rolex Daytona advertised through a store for $4000. I have ever thought it is a replica. But I have found it is a real one since I took it to an official watchmaker who has 15 years experience to check. He does not picked up any differences between it and the real one. However, it didn’t keep accurate time and I have to look at my phone to get the right time. I sold it out to another person and I have lost $1000 in this watch.

Soon later, I have bought a replica from online shop. It is so delicate and looks more real than tthe second-hand Rolex. I have worn it for 5 years now, though I have bought 4 replica watches later. Highly recommend these replica watches for you! Here in this blog, I will share my experience with you, to share the best replica watch I bought!